The search is beginning.

comic by masasei


update notes

biido ♢ tumblr tag

+ has 2 sets of conflicting memories.

"why is this guy who has my face stalking me--"

age: 27
fun facts: lives in a shoebox, voraciously consumes news

yomi ♢ tumblr tag

+ megalomaniac
+ ok, he's not that bad.
+ also he's the CEO of EON


age: 25
fun facts: a biker just wants to look cool for once in his life

anti ♢ tumblr tag

+ now you see him, now you don't

"hi, bye :) "

age: 24 (or is he?)
fun facts: wears all white. bandages up so the only skin he shows is his face.

tumblr tag

+ sweet summer child
+ working hard and getting by


age: 10
fun facts: what are those ear cones. a mystery.

tumblr tag

+ actually blows his entire budget on hair product.
+ will cut you with his words.

"k. "

age: 19
fun facts: stare deep into his pitch black eyes for a wild ride.

project AVIAEN -
started development in 2009
version 1 of the comic was drawn and posted in 2012
version 2's prologue was drawn 2017
posted 2019
chapter 1 2020

story is planned up to arc 5, with several chapters in each arc. wish me luckkk


♢♢♢ One’s true name — verinum — is the most prized possession one can have. The verinum is instinctively learned upon turning 20, a pivotal point in one’s life. Consequences of sharing it have been largely rumoured to lead to one’s demise, perpetuating an atmosphere of superficiality within society.

In the midst of it all, EON - a widely influential company - is collecting verinum with promises of uplifting the populace from this oppressive façade.

Biido, hopelessly lost and well past 20, begins his search for clues to his missing verinum with the help of a mysterious network.

However, he can’t help but feel like his every move is being watched and followed…